Patrick Williams

Headshot Tight.jpg

Based out of the mountains of western North Carolina, Patrick Williams is a freelance landscape and outdoor lifestyle photographer. After years spent on the water, on the trail, and behind the lens, he created Ecocline Photography to share the art of the outdoors. 

The word ecocline refers to the gradient from one ecosystem to another when no clear boundary exists between them. It is the space joining the river and the forest, the mountains and the sky, or the land and the sea. Within an image, if they are not the points of focus, they are the frame surrounding them, or the leading lines beckoning their attention. The name Ecocline Photography represents the use of light and composition to capture the art of the outdoors, whether perpetual or fleeting.

Through his fine art photography, Patrick shares these moments in Asheville area galleries, as well as various national and international fly fishing publications. When not behind the lens, Patrick spends his time as a high school math and science teacher, as well as a fly fishing guide. He lives in Asheville with his wife, son, and two dogs.